Sunday, August 12, 2012

Moving House (So to Speak)

So, this is a thing:  That thing being my new, slick, professional looking 'proper author's blog'. I've been blogging there for about a week (meaning there's a week of posts for you to enjoy, btw) just to sort of give it a whirl, test out the widgets and such, but I'm pretty happy with it. is a fairly streamlined little site, as you'll notice. The posts will also be of a different quality than what you're used to from this blog. It was recently pointed out to me by several friends that my current authorial web-space is distinctly lacking in--well--interesting stuff, interviews and odds and ends aside. This is mainly because (a) I'm lazy and (b) I'm lazy. It's not because I don't have opinions or interesting things to say (the latter is debatable, mind). I just haven't. This site's sort of lackadaisical atmosphere is a result of said laziness.

But, frankly, I can't afford to be lazy anymore. I've got a second, a third AND a fourth book coming out in the next eight to ten months, I've got more than twenty short stories due to be published in various anthologies and magazines, with more novels and short stories to come (hopefully; buy books, please). I needed something a bit slicker and more streamlined, with fewer distracting colours/pictures/posting annoyances both for myself and the folks who visit this site regularly (including, say, editors who might want to give me work. That was btw. I'm available for bar mitzvahs and birthdays.). will have more content and less fluff. I won't be posting word counts and writing updates with any regularity, save on occasional 'WIP Wednesdays', but I will be sharing my opinion more often and going into my writing a bit more. I've had a 100+ short stories will be hearing about all of them. At length. Shameless self-promotion will continue unabated, and indeed will likely increase as I remind you of old things published long ago and explain why you should buy them. Also, reviews. Probably. I read a lot of books and listen to a lot of things, so yeah. There'll probably be reviews as well, albeit brief ones. Capsule reviews. Micro-reviews. People are interested in what I read, right?

All of the SHAKING THE SIX DEMON BAG interviews will eventually migrate, and new ones will hopefully be added because I enjoy those and they're some of the most viewed posts on the blog, so obviously others do as well.

What won't be changing? That sucker's only getting more attention, more posts, more free stuff! In fact, I will be talking about incessantly in the coming weeks at Fair warning.

I hope those of you who follow this blog will follow (how many times is that? Five? Six? How many times does it take for something to stick in the subconscious?). If not, thanks for following this blog. I'll keep it up as long as I can be bothered, which is likely until spambots begin showing up in military campaign type-numbers, so feel free to visit and flip through the old posts.

And that's that. Follow along to when you can. I'm taking the light with me.