Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Super Detective Tuesday

So, if you happened by recently, you might have seen a link to a podcast discussing my novel, Jim Anthony, the Super-Detective: The Mark of Terror. And if you listened to said podcast, you might have noted that there are three more Jim Anthony stories forthcoming: "The Black Bat at Bay!" and "Proof of Supremacy" from Airship 27, pit the Super-Detective against the Black Bat and Dan Fowler, G-Man respectively, and the third,  "Nestor Burma Goes West", features Jim Anthony and the eponymous French detective battling a sinister criminal organization. 

I've written two other Jim Anthony stories-"The Carolingian Stone", pitting Jim Anthony against the Phantom of the Louvre, Belphegor, appeared in the eighth volume of Black Coat Press' seminal Tales of the Shadowmen anthology series, and "Death in Yellow", which features Anthony facing off with yetis, cultists and the murderous Count Zaroff, from Airship 27's Jim Anthony, Super-Detective: The Hunters

Even better, there's a second book on the way! The Vril Agenda features Old Pulp character Jim Anthony teaming up with New Pulp character Dillon against the malevolent machinations of Sun-Koh! You can learn more about it over at the Dillon blog. 

So, all in all, you could say that I've written a lot with this particular character. And for the life of me, I couldn't explain why. Perhaps it's the fact that Anthony is a very human sort of pulp character. He's not infallible or invincible. He's a bit of a dog with the ladies, and a bit of a glory-hound. There's a sense in the original stories, which I've tried to keep intact in my own, that Anthony truly enjoys what he does. He LIKES adventuring and beating up criminals and rescuing lovely ladies. He's a hero who enjoys being a hero.

Anyway, since it came out last year, JASD: The Mark of Terror has gotten some good reviews, and a bit of attention, but it could use a bit more. So, if you've read it, feel free to drop a review somewhere, or, if you haven't, why not check out a sample? 

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